APEX 5.0 Now Supported

First off, congrats to the Oracle APEX team for releasing APEX 5.0 yesterda! It will truly revolutionize how Oracle developers develop applications from now on. 

Last night we tweaked the Oracle XE / APEX build scripts to support APEX 5.0. A few minor things changed with the installation process and it took us a while to go through those changes and upgrade the scripts. The good news is that the build scripts will also support APEX 4.x installations. We're not sure how long we'll support APEX 4.x builds and when that time comes that we must deprecate support you can use the 0.2.0 build scripts.

To get Oracle XE with APEX 5.0 up and running on a VM or on a cloud machine go to https://github.com/OraOpenSource/oraclexe-apex and follow the instructions. If you're new to this project we've have a video with a step-by-step guide on how to use it here

As always if you find any issues or want enhancements please create an issue on the project's Github page.