Introducing APEX-SERT

We’re pleased to announce yet another addition to OraOpenSource: APEX-SERT! APEX-SERT, formerly known as the commercial product eSERT, is an APEX application that is designed to identify and help remedy any security vulnerability in your APEX applications.

APEX-SERT installs one time into your instance of APEX and is instantly available to any user with APEX developer credentials. By default, users can evaluate only applications in their respective workspaces. However, APEX-SERT allows an administrator to allow users to evaluate across any workspace.

APEX-SERT can also be scheduled to evaluate a single application or even a group of applications at a specified interval. Results of each evaluation can be e-mailed upon completion - even to users who are not APEX developers.

APEX-SERT 4.2 - which is compatible with APEX 4.2 - is available today. APEX-SERT 5.0 - which will be compatible and updated for APEX 5.0 - should be available in the next month or so. You can download all releases and the source code from GitHub here: