Introducing APEX Text Messages

A while ago, our friends at Pretius released a great application for the global APEX community called This application contains a collection of translations for Oracle Application Express. These translations are for the internal APEX Text Messages for system messages like 1 error has occurred.

During the same time, one of our developers, Aljaz Mali was working on an application which helps create and manage these Text Message translations. We're pleased to announce that this application is now live and open sourced!

Instead of documenting everything that the application can do, you can go try it out now: and using demo/demo123 as the login credentials.

If you want to help contribute to the project or download the application go to our Github project page. Please submit any of your feedback, issues, or enhancement requests on the issues page. If you create a translation in a language that isn't on you're encouraged to upload it to their site and share with the rest of the community.

Big thanks to Aljaz Mali for all his time and effort on this project!