Node4ORDS Update

We recently found a bug in Node4ORDS that causes it to keep crashing. This is relevant if you have an existing Oracle XE / APEX VM since Node4ORDS is used as the webserver.

To apply the patch run the following script on your VM:

#Make sure you're root
if [ "$(whoami)" != "root" ]; then
  sudo -i

#Stop node4ords
/etc/init.d/node4ords stop

#Backup/move public images to new location
cd /var/www
cp -r node4ords/public/ .

rm -rf node4ords/
git clone
cd ./node4ords
npm install --unsafe-perm

/etc/init.d/node4ords restart

As part of the fixed we've moved the public folder to /var/www/public. This way we can apply future updates without worrying about custom web files that you've added.

After applying this manual update, you can upgrade/update Node4ORDS automatically by running in the installation folder.