Introducing APEX Diff

This year at Kscope 15 we announced several projects that we are working on. We're pleased to announce that one of these projects, APEX Diff, is finally ready (well at least an Alpha version)!

The goal of APEX Diff is simple: Create an export of an APEX application in a JSON format so that it can easily be compared/diffed with another version of the same appliation. By doing so it's a lot easier to see what has changed when comparing two applications rather than trying to read through the default .sql export file.

The following aninmation shows APEX Diff in action.

  • config.json file, with dev as the connection name.
  • Modify a region name in an APEX application (147)
  • Run APEX Diff, using Node.js
  • Compare old vs. new .json files to show the change and where it occured.
    • In most cases this would be done via a diff from versions checked into a version control system.

Special thanks to Kris Rice for adding the required features into SQLcl, which this project leverages.

For more information go to the official project page on GitHub: Please submit any feedback, issues, or enhancement requests on the issues page.