Logger 3.1.0: Custom Preferences

Logger stores its preferences in the logger_prefs table. This table has always meant to be modified by either the Logger installation files or the API.

With the introduction of Plugins for Logger there may be a requirement for developers to store additional prefernces in the logger_prefs table.

They're two new API statments to handle custom preferences for Logger: logger.set_pref and logger.del_pref. These two procedures, along with logger.get_pref all take in a new parameter called p_pref_type. The purpose of p_pref_type is to be able to namespace preferences. The pref_type LOGGER is reserved for system level preferences.

This new column will also help support for Logger Addons which is scheduled for next release. We'll blog more about this once the addon structure is finalized.

More information can be found the API docs.

Thanks to Alex Nuijten for providing the idea and the initial code.