Oracle XE / APEX: Release 0.3.0

We're pleased to announce that we've released 0.3.0 of the Oracle XE / APEX build scripts a few weeks ago. The release information is available here.

The following major changes were done to the build scripts:

  • Lots of script changes
    • Though not visible to the someone using the script, this will make things a lot easier for future releases of the script.
  • Suppress standard output
  • Support for APEX 5.0
  • Configuration file changed
    • Previously the configuration file was and all changes were made in there. The issue was that this file also contained some additional system configurations that made the file a bit messsy and complicated to read. To make things easier we've added a new which is the only thing that needs to be modified.
  • Node4ORDS Update
    • There was a bug which caused the webserver to keep crashing. This has been fixed. If you already have an existing installation using the build script read this article to update Node4ORDS.
  • Additional Documentaiton
    • One common question we get is "How do I connect to Oracle". To help out we've created a /docs folder with detailed information about various topics (including how to connect to Oracle). We'll be looking to add more documents in the future.

You can view the full list of changes here and you can download the current 0.3.0 release here. Thanks to Trent Schafer and Adrian Png for all their help with this release!

We're actively working on the 0.4.0 release. You can keep track of those changes on the issues page.