Speed Up Development with Logger: Part 2

Last week I wrote about how to speed up development with Logger using text expanders. Today's post will show you how to leverage Logger's method template to quickly create procedures and functions.

I'm a big fan of SQL Developer for most of my Oracle development, however I do leverage other text editors for some functionality when developing. Atom is an an open source text editor with builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you've used Sublime before, it's very similar. They're a few features of Atom that I regularly use such as column editing (modifying multiple columns of text at the same time) and global text replace (in real time, not via a find & replace dialog). 

When creating a new function or procedure I usually use the Logger Template and modify its TODO items. The video below shows how I quickly start developing a new method and leverage all the features of Atom.

A few things to note about the video:

  • I used some text expanders to quickly insert my name (ome) and the date (otoday).
  • I used a lot of shortcuts in Atom which are quickly shown on the screen. A complete list of shortcuts are available here.