Logger 3.0.0 EA1

We're excited to announce that Logger 3.0.0 EA1 (Early Adopter 1) is now available for you to download! This release has some major updates in it which we hope you find as useful as we do. These upgrades include features such as:

  • Plugin support
  • Substitution strings (printf like support) called sprintf
  • Simple explicit conversions (tochar)
  • Store SID and CLIENT_INFO fields
  • And lots more! Check out the Change Log for the complete list

Over the next two weeks we will blog about all the major upgrades in this release. Make sure you follow our blog to keep up to date with all these posts. We'll keep the complete list of EA 1 posts updated at the end of this article.

How can you help? Download EA1 (logger_3.0.0-ea1.zip) and try it out. (Note for future readers, once EA1 is out of date the file will no longer be available) If you find any issues, have feature requests, or comments please submit a ticket on our Github Issues page. You can also subscribe to our email list (form in right hand column of page) to get the latest information about Logger.

Pending any major changes we plan to release Logger 3.0.0 in mid to late April this year.

EA1 Blog posts: