Oracle XE and APEX and ORDS! On my!

One thing that I've found frustrating over the years is that setting up a simple Oracle XE and APEX machine wasn't very simple. This may also push new users away from trying Oracle and APEX as they don't know how to setup a server quickly. Yes there's the setup but most developers want to tinker around on their own machines.

I decided to create a script to build Oracle XE, APEX, and Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS) as a one click install. This script isn't production ready but should allow developers to quickly build a machine with all the core tools to start developing Oracle and APEX applications. The project is freely available on Github:

Another goal for this project was to create some public images for popular cloud platforms such as Digital Ocean and Amazon. Unfortunately due to current Oracle license restrictions we are no able to offer this at this moment. If things change we'll launch some public pre-built images right away.

Please check out the project page and of course feel free to contribute, comment, etc. If you have any issues, submit them in the projects issue page.

And if you're a bit younger and don't understand the reference of the title, it was referring to a popular song from the Wizard of Oz: