Oracle Application Express supports English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese languages. If your application uses a language that is not among the ten languages into which APEX is translated, you must translate messages displayed by the APEX reporting engine.

When running an application and an error occurs users will see the message 1 error has occurred. If you want to translate this message to a different language, Slovenian or Polish for example, you must define a Text Message in Shared Components. In this case you create a Text Message with a name FLOW.SINGLE_VALIDATION_ERROR, a language code sl, and a text with Slovenian translation. If you also want to have a Polish translation, then you create a new text message with the same name FLOW.SINGLE_VALIDATION_ERROR, but with a different language code pl and a text with Polish translation. You have to do this for every application.

In current release of Oracle Application Express (5.0) there are 462 documented internal text messages. With increasing number of applications and languages, management of text messages must be centralized, consolidated, and simplified.

The Purpose of this application is to help you manage APEX's internal Text Messages. For more infomation and to download the application go to the project's Github page.

Demo: username/password: demo/demo123

Staring from scratch? already has a set of translations in your languages. If they don't, you're encourage to upload your translation to their site once it's done.