APEX-SERT - formerly known as the commercial product eSERT - is an open source APEX application that is designed to evaluate your APEX applications for security vulnerabilities. APEX-SERT installs into your instance of APEX one time and is instantly available to any developer using their existing credentials.  APEX-SERT currently works with APEX 4.2 and plans are underway to provide a version compatible with APEX 5.0 and beyond.

Once installed, any developer can run APEX-SERT on applications that reside in their respective workspace.  An APEX-SERT administrator can even grant a user in one workspace with the ability to evaluate applications in another workspace.  Evaluations can also be scheduled to run at a specified interval with the results e-mailed upon completion.

APEX-SERT was designed to become a part of your development process, not be used at the end of it. The more that developers use APEX-SERT, the more they will come to rely on its guidance when it comes to ensuring that their APEX application are secure.  In fact, one noted side-effect of using APEX-SERT is a more security-conscious developer - across all technologies.


While APEX-SERT is open source and 100% free to download and use, Sumner Technologies provides paid support for APEX-SERT.  In addition to bug fixes, paid support also includes feature priority, assistance with installation and configuration as well as discounts on APEX training courses.  For more details, please have a look at http://www.sumnertech.com/apex-sert or send a note to info@sumnertech.com.